Tuesday, February 28, 2012

flowering quince





My little flowering quince bush is blooming out her blossoms which makes me happy knowing
spring is just around the corner. I've been sneezing like crazy, but I love it! Sneezing means flowers!
I'm so ready for some warmer weather so I can work in my yard and fix up the deck with a new paint job and some patio furniture. I want a calming place outside to watch birds and tend to my plants.
It will happen this year.

Any advice on flowers that do well in pots?

Monday, February 13, 2012

trinidad state beach

beach wildflowers.
star fish.

On our journey up the 101 we stopped at Trinidad State Beach. It was the best rest stop on the whole
trip. I loved the fishy ocean smell mixed with the earthy smells of the forest. I've only been to tropical beaches before so this was all new to me. Like most of the stops on our trip this one was short, but I did
manage to get a few shots that I liked.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

napa valley


flowers in napa

636 copy

623 copy

632 copy

After our visit in San Francisco we headed north across the Golden Gate Bridge (that I didn't get to see because it was so foggy) to Santa Rosa to stay a night with my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Roger. That afternoon
they took us to Napa Valley to go wine tasting and have dinner at the Calistoga Inn. Napa is beautiful.
I wish we could have stayed longer.