Thursday, February 28, 2013

frozen drops

frozen drops
Frozen drops on a juniper tree from the little ice storm last week.
juniper berries

Hope everyone is staying warm. Spring is almost here!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

buffalo river magic


buffalo flows

butterfly on mimosa

We sold our canoe last night. I'm glad I wasn't at home to see the buyer drive off with it. I got
teary when Rob texted me that it sold. We canoed many miles of rivers through the years in it. It's weird how you can get so attached to stuff. We sold it to get kayaks. I'm sure I will love them too.
These photos were taken on the Buffalo river. Can't wait for spring to go explore with my new kayak!
xo laney

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy love day

chicken love buff orpington pretty lady pretty ladyflock

It seems I've fallen head over heels for chickens. Years ago while living in Austin, I met a hen
named Holly and I've never forgotten her. I always said I was going to have my own flock of ladies someday and hopefully soon that dream will come true. Last weekend Rob and I visited a wilderness safari that had a little petting zoo with lots of chickens. I loved getting to spend time with them and hearing their cute coos and clucking sounds. I was able to get a few good shots of them and thought I would share. Happy Valentine's Day!

xo laney

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sitting by the merced river

the merced river

Long-time Yosemite naturalist Carl Sharsmith was once asked what he would do if he only had a day to see Yosemite. "Madam," he replied, "I'd sit by the Merced River and cry."
I got to see as much as I could in two days at Yosemite. It was not enough time. I did manage to
sit by the Merced river for an hour one day. I will never forget the total feeling of peace surrounding me and the sweet smell in the air from the lupine wildflowers nearby.
lupine wildflowers

the cool merced

I can't wait to go back to Yosemite someday and dip my feet in that cold mountain water of the
Merced river.
xo laney

Sunday, February 3, 2013

jan. goals recap

great book

I finished one of the three books I've been reading. It's not that I don't like reading. I just almost
ALWAYS fall asleep before I can finish a chapter. Anyway...I finished Barnheart, and I loved it! It was just what I needed to feel better about my crazy obsession with chicken and garden planning before we even have our land.
It was good to know I'm not the only one. And after reading it, I know I definitely have Barnheart.

My goal was to get the photo of my mamaw and papaw framed, but I changed my mind on the frame
at the last minute. I don't like any of the frames I find in stores. Some of my favorite frames I find are old ones from thrift stores. I did manage to finally get the photo booth photo of Rob and I framed. The frame I used was a nice sturdy wooden frame I found at a thrift for only two dollars! Now that's a frame that will last.

My last goal was to join the photography club of nwa, but I decided to spend the $35 member fee on some thrift/garage sale finds. Not sure if I would have the time for the meetings anyway.

more jars
At one of the garage sales, I found two more of those darn cork top jars I'm obsessed with.
They just look so pretty with bulk goods in them. And they keep stuff fresh. They're beautiful and useful.
lost and found polaroids

Rob has been on the road every weekend with his band, so I've been doing a lot of cleaning out and
organizing in the house. One of my Feb. goals is to sort through my many boxes of photos and get them into albums. I found these polaroids that I thought I had lost while sorting yesterday. I was so excited to see them again.

Here are my Feb. goals:

1. go on two hikes. (I heard we're gonna have an early spring!)
2. get photos sorted and in albums. (this is exciting!)
3. make a necklace or some earrings out of the millions of beads I own!

xo laney