Thursday, May 24, 2012

hens and chicks

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These photos were taken at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks.
I work just down the road from them so when there is a cloudy day in the forecast I always bring
my camera with me to work and head over there on my lunch break.
It's a peaceful place to take a break for sure.

Monday, May 21, 2012

37 things

37 things

I got the idea to do this list from two of my favorite photographers/bloggers.
I've been writing this in my journal for a few years now, so I thought I would share it this year.

1. learn to photograph the night stars at Steel Creek.
2. find three vintage albums off my must have vinyl list.
3. go to the pool once a week this summer.
4. stay in a treehouse in Eureka Springs.
5. take a yoga class.
6. work on meditation.
7. eat more fruits and veggies.
8. collect some new vintage dinner plates.
9. finish reading the two books I've been reading for ages.
10. eat at pesto cafe with Rob.
11. ride my bike to the farmer's market.
12. print photos for albums and framing.
13. organize all my photos into albums.
14. read two classics.
15. go to the drive-in.
16. see my work for sale in some local shops.
17. re-paint the deck!
18. take a photo walk by myself in Eureka Springs.
19. go roller skating.
20. go canoeing.
21. make a blurb book of instagrams.
22. shoot at least three rolls of portra with my nikon.
23. go to two concerts.
24. finish hall bathroom.
25. make a scrapbook of our Cali. trip.
26. photograph more dogs for my portfolio. :)
27. try the new color film in my SX-70.
28. go to the Tulsa aquarium.
29. explore a new city.
30. get a new bed!! my back!!
31. make this amazing peach - blueberry pie.
32. join the PSNWA.
33. learn how to play chess.
34. go camping in the fall.
35. go to a zoo!
36. organize a family photo shoot.
37. buy some calligraphy pens and learn to use them.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

print giveaway

123 copy

Please send me your address Miss Sarah and I'll mail you some prints!
Thanks for all the comments, ladies!
xo laney

Thursday, May 3, 2012

happy 1 yr. anniversary lil' blog


I knew I would forget! At 10pm (bedtime for me) on Tuesday night I remembered that it was
my blog's 1 yr. anniversary/birthday. After a day of thrifting with my mom and dinner with my brother
I was just too tired to sit at the computer. So I decided to celebrate it today with this post!
Happy Anniversary lil' blog o' mine!!
I've really enjoyed having this space to share my pictures and stories.
I'm thankful for all my sweet readers too! Your comments make my day! It's nice knowing that my
work is appreciated my so many.
Thank you!!


kickin' it

To show my appreciation I would like to gift a print or two to one of my blog visitors.
Leave a comment and I will randomly pick a winner.
xo Laney