Sunday, March 24, 2013

waiting for spring

waiting for spring
tulip tree
Just when I thought spring was here to stay it turned snowy winter again. And I got a cold.
That's how it goes. We can't predict the seasons. I'm glad to be feeling better though. I found some film shots of springy goodness that I thought I would share. The first shot was taken with my old nikon film camera with kodak portra and the last two with my pentax k1000.
I've been thinking about shooting more film. I miss it. I've been researching medium format cameras and I think I've decided on the camera I've always wanted. My Dream camera. 
The Hasselblad. Not sure which one yet?? The 500cm or the 501? Whatever I get I can't wait to hold it in my hands!
Do you have a dream camera?
xo laney


  1. Oh, a Pentax!! When Tim and I were backpacking in Europe my old Canon (which was my mom's old camera) died and we found a Pentax. Neither of us had heard of it but we bought it and it took great pics of our travels. I still have it although I ought to get it fixed since it stopped working. Film cameras are so much fun. xo

    1. They are so much fun! I shot a whole roll on Sat. can't wait to see them! xo

  2. Those little pots. Dreamy! Dreamy!

    I'm not sure what my dream camera is. It used to be the hasselblad, But these days I'm into the contax. Either way, i can't afford em right now!

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