Tuesday, April 23, 2013

just like heaven

lilac bush
This lilac bush belongs to my elderly neighbors, but I like to think it's mine. I'm not sure they
love it like I do. Every spring I check daily to see if it is blossoming, so I can take in it's sweet aroma.
It's by far my favorite smell on this beautiful earth. I hope to plant a few lilac bushes of my own
when we move to the country someday. Any tips on planting and caring for them?
xo laney


  1. mine only gets one bloom on the same branch every year, so no, i have no tips for you hahaha! so sad :)

  2. i'm with you. they are my favorite spring bloom. hands down. and i'm not even crazy about purple.

  3. There are a couple of lilac bushes in my yard & I look forward to their blooms every year!! Their beauty & scent are my absolute favorite! Not sure I can give you any tips... other than they seem to be fairly low maintenance. And I know it can take at least a few years before they have any blooms.