Tuesday, September 27, 2011

vinyl junkie


The word was collect over at words to shoot by this week.
I started collecting vinyl in my early twenties and have accumulated a nice collection through the years.
I remember spending hours looking at the cover art on my parents records as a child.
I've actually bought an album because of the cover art and usually end up loving the music on it!
My favorite part of collecting is the excitement of digging through the stacks of dusty records at thrift stores and estate sales and finding that record I've been searching for.
One of my best finds ever that I cherish was Joni Mitchell's Blue album for one dollar.
Best dollar I've ever spent.

What do you collect? 


  1. that does sound like the best dollar! I LOVE that album! On my wishlist is a record player, we'll see! I collect old postcards, old ones with the messages written on the back and the stamps. I put them in an album, slowly expanding my collection with each flea market I go to.

  2. I love how you take wtsb topics and turn them into conversation pieces here. I haven't been participating lately and I miss it. Must do the next one! It's a hard one though. I love your interpretation of collect. Nicely done, Laney.

  3. I've been collecting glass vessels and matches. :)

  4. Records are so satisfying to hold and to play.

    I collect wooden birds, and agatha christies (although that collection is complete!) and pretty Pyrex bowls, handmade ceramic tiles (preferably in the shape of a bird), scarves and turquoise jewelry. And silver charms, for each trip I take. And vintage tins, for bulk food. And probably a bunch of other stuff as well. My motto is, if I love one, I'd probably like another.

  5. Thanks ladies! Those all sound like lovely things to collect.

    Brooke- I collect Pyrex too! I love the colors of it.

  6. Love your pics!


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