Tuesday, October 11, 2011

musée mécanique

musée mécanique

The above photos that I took at Musée Mécanique in San Francisco were featured as the One Word
pic of the day on the always inspiring Shutter Sisters blog. Pretty cool! The word of the month is YOU.
Pop on over to the flickr group and join in on the project.

ten years

I was so excited to find a working photobooth in San Francisco. Before we left on our trip I checked
the photobooth.net  website for any photobooths along the way and found two in San Fran. Out of all the little things I got on the trip these photo strips were my favorite souvenirs. Totally worth $3 each!
I have lots of photos from San Francisco coming soon!
xoxo Laney


  1. I'm still so excited to find out that there's a photobooth here! Where is the other one in San Francisco?

  2. Andrea~ The other one that's gone now was at a vintage clothing store called Wasteland on Haight St.

  3. Yay! I love the Musee Mecanique. There is a photobooth at a bar called Pop's. They replaced the old photobooths at santa cruz with new ones, really sad. But Yay Musee Mecanique, I heart you.