Tuesday, November 29, 2011

karma and danko


Danko and his mousey.

karma & danko

Karma and Danko in the afternoon light.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. I think the highlight of my holiday was baking pies
with my mom while listening to my 30's playlist. I made the piecrust from this recipe and it turned out so perfect. I didn't even use a food processor. I used my hands and my Grandma's rolling pin.
Between cooking dinner and pies I didn't have time to get any cooking photos.
I guess I'll just have to bake another pie soon.
Maybe this one?


  1. Ooh, what sweet kitties!
    Love the light that's pouring in, it's beautiful.
    Cherry Cobbler sounds delicious. I need to bake a pie this week too- we didn't make one for thanksgiving!

  2. I love the atmosphere captured in each of your photo. I just saw one on your Flickr of Danko sleeping quietly while the world keeps on turning around! I love it!!