Tuesday, July 24, 2012

i am what you see

i am what you see

A couple of weeks ago Rob and I spent four days in Eureka Springs for a mini vacation.
I took several self-portraits while we walked the streets and browsed shops to remember my time
spent in one of my favorite little cities.

the tourist


honey light

Rob got me Vivian Maier's Street Photography book for Christmas last year. Her self-portrait
work has been so inspiring to me. I'm always looking for reflective surfaces for capturing the when and where of my life. I liked the way these turned out so I thought I would share them with you.

xo laney


  1. love the sunlight of that last one especially, pretty lady!

  2. Hi Laney-
    Would you mind if I used one of these pictures for a post on the FPOE blog? I'm doing a post on travel and self-portraits.

    1. Hi Cait,

      I sent you a reply email, but I'm not sure you got it. Just wanted to tell you it's ok if you use a pic for your post. Thanks.